Balaji – My Revert Story From Hinduism to Islam

Assalamualaikum my brothers and sisters, I am delighted to share my revert story with you all. My name is Muhammad Amin, and my old name was Balaji.

I practiced Hinduism throughout my childhood until the age of 12. I studied at a Christian school where every year, they would conduct a scripture test, which required us to read the Bible.

I was the only Hindu student who cleared the test with distinction. While reading the Bible, I became impressed and considered practicing Christianity. I attended church almost every Sunday to learn more about biblical teachings and began my research into it.

During my 10th standard, I had a Muslim friend who introduced me to Islam. She mentioned Prophet Abraham, which surprised me. I went to church that Sunday and discussed this with the pastor.

He replied that Muslims follow Ismail AS, who was born to a maid, and our God didn’t accept him. This confused me, and I questioned why God would create Ismail AS or the maid if He did not accept them.

This led me to further research my own religion. I started reading the Hindu Vedas and was astonished to find statements in Sanskrit. I transcribed the Sanskrit words into Tamil, my mother tongue, using a browser. I was surprised to learn that we should not associate God with anything, as He is pure. Those who associate God with an idol, stone, or wood will be put in Hellfire.

These discoveries made me rethink my beliefs. Christianity worships Jesus with idols and crosses, while Hindus worship idols. I concluded that no God exists in this world, and humans created God to instill fear in people. I stopped my research and lived without a clear understanding of why we exist and who created us.

One day, a Muslim friend took me to a mosque for worship during Ramadan. I was eager to see who Muslims worship. Unfortunately, I ended up in the last row and couldn’t see anything. I did my Salah by copying the person next to me.

I liked the way of worship, as it felt like exercise for the body. However, I had a fear that if I did my Salah wrong, they would beat me. This fear stemmed from the misconception that Muslims are terrorists and rude to others.

During my 12th standard, another friend named Anoush took me to Juma prayer. I went every Friday, hoping to see who Muslims worship. One of my neighbors, Saddam, saw me in the masjid and approached me.

He politely expressed his happiness that I was attending Juma regularly. When he asked my name, I told him I was a Hindu accompanying my friend Anuj. I also mentioned that I was an atheist and believed humans created God.

Saddam smiled and asked me to think about why we are here, why death occurs, and what happens after death. These questions reignited my curiosity. I shared my story of research with him and expressed that I felt he had the answers. He took me to his house, gave me a Tamil-translated Quran, and said my answers were in the book.

He invited me to approach him with any doubts or questions. I asked him which idols Muslims worship. He invited me to the masjid 30 minutes before Isha prayer to show me.

I arrived early and joined the first row in the masjid. I searched for idols but found none. When I asked where the idols were, he replied, “Have you seen God with your eyes?” I said no. He then questioned, “How can you make an idol of God?” I started reading the Quran and was impressed by the scientific facts mentioned, which were only discovered with modern technology. This piqued my interest, and I began researching Islam, gathering information about the prophets mentioned in the Quran.

In 2016, I accepted Islam as my faith and took the shahada. I felt like a newborn baby, and the inner feeling was indescribable. I remember the first time I prayed; it felt like I was talking to Allah.

To all my brothers and sisters in Islam, I request you to make Dua for me and let the knowledge in the Quran spread. Islam is a gift from Allah. Please hold onto this gift strongly and firmly.

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