99 Names of Allah

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ٱلْبَاقِي Al-Baqi Meaning: The Ever-Surviving, The Everlasting Explanation: The One who is eternal, infinite, limitless. The One whose life is […]


ٱلْبَدِيعُ Al-Badi Meaning: The Incomparable Originator Explanation: Al-Badi’ The High and Glorious Originator Heavens and earth are the Originators. This […]


ٱلْنُّورُ An-Nur Meaning: The Light, The Illuminator Explanation: The word nūr has been transmitted to many different languages and is […]


ٱلْنَّافِعُ An-Nafi Meaning: The Propitious, The Benefactor Explanation: He is suitable, the One to whom he wants damage and anyone […]


ٱلْمَانِعُ Al-Mani Meaning: The Withholder Explanation: The One who refrains bounty from unrighteousness is Allah, Al-Maani. Allah shields individuals from […]