Meaning : “The most or entirely merciful”

Explanation: Ar-Rahman is the most merciful and beneficent who continually showers his endless love over his creation.


  1. Nermene Mahmoudsays:

    Ma Sha’Allah, this is such a remarkable Web that helps non Arab Muslims to know more about lots of Islamic practices.

  2. Nice website.. i love the idea, colors and design.. duaa for all occasions.. hope its in Arabic also . Not only english.

  3. Asalam aleikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh .i like so much this website i wish All the Best All Always May Allah helps this tawfiq Your Brother in islam Abdulrahman mbwana

  4. Ramatu Abdulkadir Musasays:

    Salamun Alaikum. I am so delighted for this development, may Allah SWT open his gates of mercy for all the stakeholders of Jazakallahu khairan

  5. Most of us don’t know that we should use capital H for Allah. Middle position doesn’t affect it cuz Allah is the only one.

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