Story of Prophet Idris (Enoch) AS

Allah has praised Idris, describing him as being a prophet and truthful:
“Mention in the Book (Quran) Idris (Enoch). Verily! He was a man of truth (and) a prophet. We raised him to a high station”. (Ch 19:56-57 Quran).

Idris AS was born and raised in Babylon following the teachings and religion of Prophet Adam (pbuh) and his son Seth (pbuh). Idris was the 5th generation of the Prophet Adam.

According to a hadith from Abu-Dharr, it is narrated that 30 books were revealed on Idris (as) and other traditions state that he was the first person who had initiated writing with a pen. So writing before Idris (as) didn’t exist until Allah (swt) taught him how to write and he is the one who taught people how to write.

Allah (swt) awarded Idris (as) with skill in various fields of science, such as mathematics and astronomy. Prophet idris also known to be an expert in making the tools of human needs. He knew all the languages on earth. .It is narrated from Wahab that Idris was a well-built man with a broad chest. He had less hair on his body and more on his head. His one ear is bigger than the other. He had scanty hair on his chest and spoke in a low voice.

While walking his feet used to come close to one another. He is known as Idris because he used to teach about the magnanimity of Allah (swt) and the excellence of Islam..When Idris (as) came after Sheeth (as), He was of course the ruler. A Prophet and a Messenger and their leader, and He ruled by Allah his law and He changed some of the Shareeah of Sheeth (as). And one of the things that Idris came up with at that time was ‘Jihad’.

The first Prophet and Messenger to call for Jihad (fighting in the path of Allah (swt)) was Idris (as)..When He (as) saw the corruption spreading, especially among the people of Cain, and that corruption is spreading even within the people of Idris. So Idris (as) declared a war against corruption and against the corrupt people. He prepared an army of Horseman and people walking and fighting against the people of Cain.

Allah (swt) gave victory to Idris (as)..And Allah (swt) says in the Quran:

“And mention Ishmael, Idris and Dhul-Khifl. All were of the patient and we admitted them into our mercy. Indeed, they were of the righteous.” (21:85-86).

Allah (swt) speaks about Him in Surat Maryam:

“And mention in the book, Idris, Indeed, He was a man of truth and a Prophet. And we raised him to a high station.” (19:56-57)

Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), when He (pbuh) went to the Isra Wa Miraj, on the journey of the Miraj, He (pbuh) met Prophets and messengers in every heaven and He (pbuh) met Idris (as) in the fourth heaven.

Allah revealed to Idris one day, the rewards of all the good deeds of Mankind every single day. Over his own deeds, Own rewards, over the good deeds of Idris (as). Allah (swt) also gives him the rewards of all the people living at the time of Idris (as).

So He (as) thanked Allah (swt) and He (as) realized that the only way to increase more rewards is to live for longer..And one of the Angels was a good friend of Idris (as) and a companion to him. So Idris told this Angel that “Allah (swt) revealed to me that every single day I get all the good rewards and the deeds of all the people on the surface of this earth without my own rewards, at the top of my own good deeds.

Is there any chance that you could talk to the Angel of Death and ask him to delay my life and for me to live even longer?”So the Angel said:”we will see.”So Idris (as) went on the back of this Angel, and flew with him all the way to the heavens. And then they met with the Angel of Death on the fourth heaven.

So this Angel told the Angel of Death that “Idris is asking that if you could make him live longer?

“So the Angel of Death said, “And where is Idris?

“He said, “He is on my back.”

So the Angel of Death said, “Amazing”

Angel asked, “What’s Amazing?”

Angel of Death said, “Allah (swt) ordered me to take the soul of Idris in the fourth heaven and I wondered How I am going to do this. I was amazed. Subhan Allah, Allah (swt) made it happen.”

Idris (as) came with one intention, Angel of Death came with another and Allah (swt) only happens what He wills. Idris (as) passed away and His (as) soul was taken in the fourth Heaven.

The only Prophet who died in fourth heaven.

Subhan Allah.

Following the death of Prophet Idris, corruption began to increase rapidly again. Several generations later, with no Prophetic guidance, Satan finally managed to influence the children of Adam to commit their first act of shirk (polytheism).

Beginning of Idol Worship After the Death of Idris AS

corruption was increasing until Idris (as) destroyed a great portion of it. After the death of Idris (as) corruption started to increase even more and more but people still believe in One Lord, Allah (swt). They don’t believe in any Idols, any son or any moon. But you see a lot of people that are Muslims, they believe in Allah (swt) but they fell in Haram. That’s how the situation was of back then. Especially after the death of Idris (as), people stayed on Tawheed, on Monotheism, and the oneness of Allah (swt) for 1000 years.


Then after that 1000 year a change started to take place. It became a big gap between the Idris (as) and the next Prophet being sent and the next Prophet was Nuh (as). Idris’s (as) father was Yarid and His mother was Barkanah. His wife was Aadanah. Idris (as) also had a son named Methuselah; who would eventually be the grandfather of Prophet Nuh (as). That means Idris (as) was the great-grandfather of Nuh (as).


In that big gap between Idris and Nuh (as), few centuries, No Prophet, No Messenger. But these Prophets and Messengers had followers and out of the followers there was always the best of followers. When the Prophet went, the people start to look to these followers respected followers. After the death of Ideis (as), there were the followers of Idris (as), very righteous, very God fearing, very obedient to Allah (swt), people used to respect them. At the time of Idris (as), people used to go to him with there problems, but after Idris (as) went, they used to go to these followers with there problems.


After the death of the righteous people what happened?

There were not many followers of those righteous people. So Shaitan played his game. People were believing in Allah (swt). So at the time of Prophet Idris (as), people would go to Him, Idris (as) went people would go to His righteous followers, and now righteous followers are gone, who do they go back to? So Iblis started to play a game with the minds of the weak people.


Shaitan came, when righteous followers started to die one by one, Shaitan said to them, “you know what a wonderful person he was, what a wonderful.” So Shaitan came and grieved. Now you got to look Shaitan and his tactics here. Shaitan came along and he grieved with them. He said, “Man….. that person, that died, you know don’t you feel, oh what a wonderful person he was.”


So Shaitan is there and he is actually grieving over this soul that has passed away. So they started to know this person (shaitaan), this wonderful person who is grieving over this good soul. Then what happens is that the next generation dies, so the same Shaitan comes along and he says, “Man another soul, we have just lost another soul, a good soul on this earth. How much corruption is there on earth.” And whenever a good soul goes like this and so on, and he is making people feel like, “wow, he is a good preacher.”


The next time it happens again, he said, “you know what, we should do guys…. We should have a remembrance of this person. So how are we going to have a remembrance of this person, If we don’t quickly make something that reminds of this person than we will forget this good soul and his teachings, so quick. ” what they do in early days? You saw that early drawings? On the walls, and caves and so on of deers and lions and whatever else, it was of their nature, right? So what Shaitaan told them to do is to make a certain drawings of this individual.

He said,” Look, we need to do this, we need to remember good people like this and honor them, we need to do this.” so they go ahead and they did this.


So next generation came, and now he has got a drawing there, you see? He has got a few drawings that are coming up of these pious people that has passed away.


Next generation he said to them,” Hey listen young boys, you know, you are going to die soon, right? You are going to die, you know, you need to respect your elders, respect them, and how you respect to them is, see those carvings on there, pay them your respect. So it’s like look upto them, show them that you like them.” so they did.


When the next generation came, he said:” you are the grandchildren of these figures that went. Oh what great grandfather you had, you know these pictures, what you should do, you should take them and we should honor more. Respect them by carving out certain, stones out of their shape of these heads.” so they did that, because it was a respect.


Next generation came, Shaitan said,” just bow your head down, that’s all you do. Just bow your head down.” so they did that.


Next generation came, He said,” These… Are the things that gives you life, bread and everything you have got, don’t you realize that? Didn’t you see your fathers who do that (bowing the heads)? Well you should got on to the floor and do Sujood to that things.” So they did that.


Next generation He has got them fooled, he tells them,” Look….. They are Gods.”


What a mentality of these people is that they have started to believe in something that does not exist. They started to give these statues, stones, and dead people certain beliefs that don’t belong to them.


So they started to say that,”That is the one that gives us rain, that is the one that gives us children, and that is the one that gives us this and that.”

So they started to make these beliefs. So in the end Allah (swt) sent Nuh (as), what Nuh (as) was dealing with? He was dealing with a very very stubborn people.

The Wise Sayings of Prophet Idris AS

Some of Idris AS wise sayings are:
“Happy is he who looks at his own deeds and appoints them as pleaders to his Lord.”
“None can show better gratitude for Allah’s favors than he who shares them with others.”
“Do not envy people for what they have as they will only enjoy it for a short while.”
“He who indulges in excess will not benefit from it.”
“The real joy of life is to have wisdom.”


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