If You Can’t pray 5 times a day Read this

Assalamualekum Warahmatullahi Wabarkatuhu, If you can’t pray 5 times a day then read the following points which will help you to increase your Imaan and help you to start pray 5 times a day. 

how to pray five times daily
how to pray five times daily
  • Instead of thinking Salah is a duty or a command, change the perspective in a different direction.
  • Think of its a five time as personal time away from the anxiety that the world creates.
  • It’s your own personal time to slow down,  re-center yourself and clear your mind.
  • This is your unique moment to be self-centered where other things or people don’t bother, interfere a d drain your energy out.
  • the reality is that the world puts a heavy burden on us, and Salah is a relief from that burden.
  • so when the world turn back to you, you turn back to Salah.
  • And when you take this time to connect yourself , you automatically connect to Allah.


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  1. Khadeeja Fathimasays:

    I recommend you to launch ur app with the same material.

    It is beautiful to see everything at one place

  2. Can u add the 10 mini surahs with English meaning.
    : Surah Fil
    106: Surah Quraysh
    107: Surah Maun
    108: Surah Kawthar
    109: Surah Kafirun
    110: Surah Nasr
    111: Surah Masad
    112: Surah Ikhlas
    113: Surah Falaq
    114: Surah Nas

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