I am feeling Uneasy

اللهم أنزِل عليّ سكينة من عندك تشرح بها صدري و تحفظُ بها قلبي

Allahumma Anzil alay sakeenah min andik tashraH bihaa Sadree wa tahfadh bihaa qalbee

Oh Allah, descend upon me satisfaction that comes from you and open my chest and protect my heart with it.


  1. Maryaam Ali Shumbanasays:

    Jazakamullah kher, for all those who came up with this idea, subhanallah, suffering from depression and now I have a guidance.

  2. Bibi Chee-a-towsays:

    May Allah bless and reward them who did this to help the Ummah. May Allah give
    them Jannatul Firdous, ameen.

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