I am feeling Offended

ْاللهم إنِّي أَعُوْذُ بِكَ مِنْ هَمِّ يَحْزُنُنِي وَمِنْ فِكْرِ يُقْلِقُنِيْ وَعِلْمَا يُتْعِبُنِيْ وَشَخْصَا يَحْمِلُ خُبْثَا لِي

Allahumma innee a’uzubika min ham ayhzununee, wa min fikr yuqliqunee, wa 3ilm yut3ibunee, wa shakhS yahmilu khubsan-lee

Oh Allah! I seek your shelter from worries that sadden me, thoughts that make me restless, information that bothers me, and people that intend bad for me.


  1. Salam. This app is extremely helpful and inshallah I will be using this on a daily basis.

    I would like to ask if it’s possible for you to have a reciter recite the dua just so we have the option to listen to it?

  2. Assalamualaikum
    Mashaallah jus reciting only for 1 time Im feeling so good ❤️🥹 may allah reward u of this

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